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Vernon H. Kaczmarski D.C.

The Good Doctor

Dr Kaczmarski has been in practice since January 1991, having graduated from Western State Chiropractic College in December 1990, and is a member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association. He utilizes the Gonsted method as well as diversified techniques with his practice. He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology from the University of Washington and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy from Highline Community College. While attaining his degrees Dr. Kaczmarski worked for 10 years as a respiratory therapist for Group Health cooperative in Seattle and with various clinics within the Portland, Oregon area.

Dr. Kaczmarski's background experience working in hospitals and emergency rooms as a respiratory therapist has been a valuable asset that inevitably led to becoming a chiropractor. His diagnostic and radiographic skills are well-respected. In his practice he has successfully treated patients with sports-, work-, automobile-, and home-related injuries. In consulting with patients he takes a very hands on, personal approach in getting to know each individual by becoming familiar with their work and lifestyle habits. This enables him to evaluate, treat and educate them toward a more holistic path to wellness. He teaches each individual the values of chiropractic in relation to the spine and postural biomechanics. He motivates patients to be self-directed through recovery to develop healthy eating habits, exercise regularly and understand the importance of balanced physical and mental health in everyday living.

Dr Kaczmarski is very dedicated to his patients and the chiropractic profession. He continues his post graduate education by attending chiropractic, radiography and philosophy classes and seminars. He remains aware of new techniques and changes within the ever changing health care environment. In keeping with his beliefs regarding physical and mental health, sports play an active role in Dr. Kaczmarski's lifestyle. He participates in seasonal league softball and football, as well as snow and water skiing, river rafting, kayaking, running, cycling and weight training. He participates in health related fund raising events and routinely gives educational talks on the importance of chiropractic care to local businesses.

I hope that his background information may be helpful to you in choosing a chiropractor to help you with your injury health needs.

Our office looks forward to being able to work together in the near future.

Vernon H. Kaczmarski, A.S., B.S., D.C.
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